DIY Timelapse slider

Seeing the huge value in timelapses to enhance videos, we decided to try build ourselves a Timelapse slider. We had built rails several months ago for video functions, however, we decided to take it a step further and add a motor with an arduino controller. Here are some pics of the process we underwent.

The hardware setup. We used a Nema 17 motor with a homemade bracket (it was a piece of metal we found lying around that we cut and bent into shape).

IMG_3082 IMG_3083

We used skateboard bearings with normal 6mm bolts and nuts to give tension to the belt and allow it to run smoothly.

IMG_3098 IMG_3099 IMG_6109


Here is the software setup, with a little case modding as well.

We used an Arduino Uno with a motor controller shield


Lots of drilling, dremeling and filing to get everything to fit properly.

IMG_3127 IMG_3133 IMG_3137 IMG_3135


Here are some finished shots of it all set up.

IMG_3134 IMG_3154 IMG_3150


Here is a link to our timelapse Reel: